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E-Cig Tests

Bringing You The Latest Vaping News, Information & Quit Smoking Guides

E-Cig Tests are dedicated to bringing you the latest vaping news, advice and research. The vaping industry has come a long way since it’s 2017 origins with highly advanced pieces of kit chucking out huge clouds, and with so many different vape kits on the market for a beginner vaper it can be extremely difficult to find one most suitable to your needs.

Smokers are now making the transition to vaping, and inhaling their favourite flavoured e-liquid through an e-cigarette. If you’re still a smoker and looking for inspiration to quit, then head over to our Quit Smoking section where you’ll find stories from ex-smokers on how they managed to kick the habit. If you are looking to make that transition, we have plenty of ‘how to’ guides tailored for beginner vapers needing advice and guidance.

We’ll also bring you monthly round-ups of the latest news from around the world effecting the vaping industry, from regulation updates, technology, research and more.