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About Us

Who we are:

Ecig Tests was created by a few dedicated vapers who have used e-cigarettes to quit smoking. While there always seems to be some controversy in the media around whether they’re a legitimate means for leaving a cigarette habit behind, we know it’s worked for us.

What we do:

With that in mind, we want to help people make the decision about whether vaping might be good for them and if so, how to go about doing it. Whether you want to read the stories of those who have already quit first, or dive straight into how to make your first steps towards doing the same, Ecig Tests was made for you. To give you the most comprehensive background possible, whether you’re an existing vaper or beginning to make the switch, you’ll find a few things on Ecig Test:

We explain all the basics

To do that, we’ve created numerous guides for newer vapers on things like e-liquid, what e-cigarettes actually are and how to maintain them if you use one. We’ve covered the important parts like where they came from, who invented them and how they’ve changed over time.

Bring together all the things you need to know

We’ll also cover the major news stories from the world over related to vaping tech, innovations and advances in design as well as new legislation. Vaping is still a relatively new technology and it’s evolved hugely since its creation back in 2003. There’s always new reports, research and laws coming out which we’ll cover each month to keep you abreast of the latest developments from the world over.

Give you the stories from ex-smokers

If you’re wondering if it’s really possible to make the switch with vaping, we’ve also got first hand stories from people who have already done it. From the smokers who have broken the habit they’ve had since they were kids to the ones who were social smokers on nights out, they’ve given their honest views on how their quitting journey went.

Test and review tech, so you don’t have to

On top of all that, we also review tech ranging from mods and tanks to the complete kits. With so many options on the market these days, knowing which one will suit you best can be tricky. We’ve broken everything down in simple terms, objectively and with all the specifications so you can decide for yourself. Vaping is an investment and before you drop cash on a kit it’s best to know whether it’ll be right for you.

Why we do it:

We wanted to make a resource that everyone can relate to and benefit from. Walking into a vape shop for the first time can be overwhelming. Since vaping became more mainstream, there’s now a whole subculture with its own vocabulary to match. So, regardless of where you are in the world, whether you’re just starting out vaping and need a grounding in the subject or you’re a long-term users who want information on the latest tech we wanted to be the go-to resource for you.

Being a relatively new technology the nature and design of product developments and legislation changes incredibly quickly. Knowing where in the world you can vape, within what parameters and how your laws work seems to change on a rapid basis. So we’ll read, collate and summarise everything you need to know to take the guesswork away.

In a world of vape shops, online stores and new brands coming out with new tech on a weekly basis there’s a lot to see. Sometimes making a decision on what’s right for you can be hard. That’s why we wanted to cover some of the latest tech to come out too. E-liquids come down largely to personal preference and are a comparatively affordable part of vaping. When you’re investing in a kit, you not only want it to last but you also want it to perform the way you want.

All in, when we started out there weren’t a huge number of reliable, relatable and comprehensive resources available. We made Ecig Tests to change that.