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A Beginners Guide To Vaping

May 16, 2018

The world of vaping can seem a daunting and complicated place to new vapers and smokers looking to make the switch. There are literally thousands of different devices available and it’s important to realise that not all of them will be suitable for you. Unlike cigarettes vaping devices can vary massively and the ‘vape experience’ they provide can vary massively also. For a smoker it’s essential to buy a vaping device that will be easy to use, especially if you are a heavy smoker, frustration with a vaping device will get your stress levels up and reaching for that packet of 20 again in no time and that is something we all want to try and avoid. Your first device might just be the most important one you will ever buy. So where do you start? Even with the simplest of devices you still have a lot of choice but the majority of smokers are usually looking for something to replace their cigarettes with and will be looking for something that’s able to give them a mouth to lung vape that they can use as a direct replacement for their cigarettes.

The rise of ‘Pod Systems’ has been a relatively new development in vaping with companies looking to design more compact and user-friendly devices. These can be really good for a beginner as they are some of the most simple devices to use, often you will not even need to push a button to take a puff. The Suorin Air is one of the best, a small inexpensive pocket vaping device that while not resembling a cigarette provides a very cigarette-like vaping experience. Smaller devices like these will not give you plumes of vapour but with a suitable 12 or 18mg e-liquid, 6 or 7 puffs will provide a comparable level of satisfaction to a cigarette. Most can be filled with your e-liquid of choice and come with replaceable cartridges which are essentially a coil within a tank housing, but some (known as closed systems) have sealed liquid pods too.

Another very good option for your first vaping device is a tube kit such as the very well regarded Innokin T18 Kit or the Joyetech Ego AIO D22, these are re-fillable tanks with replaceable coils that are fitted to the tank by simply screwing them into the base section, along with a tube shaped battery. The Joyetech has the tank and tube as an ‘all in one’ device while the Innokin has a separate tank and battery but they function in a very similar way. The tank or tank section is filled with e-liquid and there is a button on the battery section that you push when you take a vape. Typically these type of vaping devices will provide a little more vapour then the pod systems and are a very popular choice.

Choosing The Right Device

The third option is to buy what is commonly known as a regulated ‘mod’ kit. These kits have a similar tank to the tube kits but come with a battery device that has more features than the basic tube-types. Aspire NX30 rover kit, Vaporesso Tarot mini Vape Kit, Aspire Zelos Vape Kit are just three examples that would be suitable but there are many more options. The biggest difference here is that you can adjust the power going to the coil to tailor you vape to suit you. The kits mentioned have built in batteries in the device and are charged via a USB port. There are mods with removable cells, but for a new vaper I would not recommend these at first, it’s just another thing to learn about in the future, for now, keep it simple and make switching to vaping as easy as possible for yourself.

E-liquids are always going to be a matter of personal taste, some of you may be looking for a tobacco flavour while others may prefer something totally different and want to get away from something that tastes of tobacco, there is no right and wrong and I would suggest trying a tobacco and a fruit flavour at the start.

You might presume that a lighter smoker would require a lower nicotine strength but choice of nicotine strength is more about how often you intend to vape. If you were a light smoker and smoked less then 10 cigarettes a day it may be that you might require a high strength liquid like 18mg because you are probably used to taking a break, having a cigarette or two and then not smoking for a number of hours, if you wish to replace that with vaping then a high strength may suit you better. On the other hand if your habit is to smoke a lot during the day then you might be better off with a slightly lower strength, so you can vape more. It may be that a combination of both will work for you, an 18mg liquid to vaping during the day when you are on your breaks and a lower 6mg during the evening when you can vape more often. The important thing is not to worry about the amount you are vaping, your body will tell you when you need to vape and when you are vaping the right amount of nicotine for you to successfully stay away from cigarettes and that is the important thing. I would recommend all smokers to start with 12mg liquid if they are not sure, then you can either go up to 18mg if you find yourself craving before your next break or down to 6mg if you find yourself experiencing something akin to smoking too many cigarettes in a row.

If you need help or advice with anything pop in to your local vaping shop or give them a call, any reputable and well established shop will always be willing to help and advise you and new products are being released all the time. If you’ve tried before and failed, try again with a different device and a different liquid.


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