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How To Replace Coils

May 24, 2018

How To Replace and Prime Coils

Replacing and priming your vaporisers coil is an essential part of keeping your vape maintained and functioning correctly, enabling it to give you a nice flavour and satisfying vape.

When you first buy your device priming the coil fully and correctly is one of the first things you will need to do. The vast majority of replaceable coils use organic cotton as a wick, if this cotton wick is not fully saturated with your e-liquid the cotton will singe or burn leaving a nasty burnt cotton taste in the coil that is almost impossible to get rid of, no matter what you do afterwards.Priming Your Coils

Priming your coil simply means making sure the cotton wick is fully saturated before you put heat through the coil. This will stop the wicking material getting burnt and will also help the e-liquid flow from your tank uniformly and evenly around the actual heating wire.

If your device comes with a coil fitted then depending on the device you may need to unscrew the base, remove the glass or take a step to get access to the coil head, make sure your device is turned off or locked as you don’t want to accidentally fire it with a dry coil in place. Depending on the design if you look down the top you will probably be able to see the coil, or coils in the case of multi-coil heads, and the cotton between the coil and the outer casing. This is what we need to get saturated with e-liquid.

There are a few methods that people use, some will work better on different types or brands of coils, it doesn’t really matter which you use as long as the wick is saturated and it is better to do that before filling the tank. Some people just fill their tanks and leave it for 15 or 20 mins to absorb the liquid into the coil, the problem with this method is that you won’t know if it is fully primed and ready to go until you take a draw on your device, and if it isn’t, then it will be too late.

It’s far better to take the priming into your own hands, if your coil head is a fairly small one with a narrow opening at the top (typically used in mouth to lung devices and tanks) start by locating the liquid holes around the sides of the coil, they will have cotton visible behind them, this is where your vaporiser gets it’s liquid, now drop a few drips of e-liquid on those holes or slots, the wick should absorb them fairly quickly, keep going around the coil, putting a drop of liquid in each hole until it seems that the coil is taking a lot longer to absorb the e-liquid (or not absorbing it at all) After filling your tank it is recommended to leave the tank to sit for 5 minutes just to make sure the wick is fully saturated before taking a draw on it.

If you have a larger coil head, such as the common Smok types, there will be a lot more wicking around the coil/coils and you will need to take a more direct approach to priming them. We would recommend dripping drops of e-liquid directly down the top of the coil on to the wick. Wait for it to be absorbed then drip a few drops more trying to ensure that you are covering all the wicking material. When you start to see the holes or slots in the sides of the coil head casing turn darker all over (due to the liquid) then you can reassemble the tank, fill it up, and again it is recommended to leave for 5 minutes before vaping just to make sure.Leaking Tank

As you use your device you will notice after a week or two that there will be a noticeable decrease in flavour and vapour production, you may start to get a ‘dirty’ taste also. When this happens it is time to replace your coil. When this happens exactly will depend on many factors, how much you vape, what liquids you are using, how long you draw on the device and the brand and type of coil. If you are happy with the taste and vapour production then you can continue using the coil, if you feel it’s not performing as good as it was, then change it.

Changing your coil head is a simple task which usually involves nothing more than unscrewing it from the base and a screwing a new one in, but check your devices manual as in some cases you may need to take an extra step or two. After replacing, prime the coil again and you’ll be able to enjoy weeks more of a great tasting vape.

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