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Pod Kits – Open vs. Closed

Pod Kits – Open vs. Closed

August 13, 2019

While back in the day you might have picked up a pen style e-cig when you were first starting vaping, these days pod kits offer an even simpler option for transitioning smokers. It seems like every brand from the more basic, well known brands to the niche and high end brands are making pod kits these days. If you’re not sure where to start or what the terminology all means, we’ll break it all down for you. The key things you need to look at are the benefits of pod kits themselves. Once you’ve decided if they sound right for you, choosing between an open or closed kit. 

What are pod kits? 

Unlike pen vapes, pod kits don’t have a conventional tank. This means there’s no coil to switch out and cleaning is a lot less of a hassle. Instead, there’s a pod that’s either been pre-filled with e-liquid or left empty for you to put liquid in yourself. They’re typically made for mouth to lung vaping and were originally designed with newer vapers in mind. 

What are the benefits of pod kits? 

There are a whole raft of reasons that newer vapers love pod kits. Even the more experienced practitioners often keep one on them too. One of the most obvious benefits is their size. Pod mods are usually the most compact kind of kit you can get. They don’t take up any more space than a 20 deck of cigarettes does, meaning they’re no more inconvenient than what most smokers are used to anyway. 

While their battery is often a bit smaller than a pen vape, they’re typically designed for mouth to lung vaping. With 1.0ohm+ coils so they’ll still last a long time between charges, even with all day use. They’re also easy to actually set up and use as well. You’ll just need to pop your pod in and charge it up. Most kits either have a single button to press or a “manual draw” function – meaning you just need to inhale to vape. 

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can also choose between open pod systems and closed pod systems. Both have benefits and draw-backs and each come in a wide range of shapes, styles and designs. Either way – you’re sure to find something you like if you want to try pod vaping. 

What’s the difference between a closed and open pod system? 

There’s really only one main difference between the two – open vs closed design. It’s the key factor to consider as far as cost and convenience go. Closed pod systems are the ultimate in convenience and low-maintenance vaping. The pods that go with closed systems come pre-filled with e-liquid. So, all you need to do is open one up, pop it into the battery and you’re ready to vape. Once the e-liquid runs out, you throw away the empty pod and put a new one in. Open pod systems are fairly self explanatory. They’re pods that you can pop open and fill with your own liquid instead, meaning you can keep using them until the coil inside eventually wears out. 

There are benefits for both systems. Closed pod systems work out a little more expensive over time because you can only use each pod once. It’s still cheaper than smoking but if you’re looking for the most cost effective option it might not be exactly right for you. While there are plenty of flavours to choose from, you’re more limited with closed systems than open pods for e-liquid flavour and strength. 

Open systems, while they require a little more effort to refill and maintain, give you a few more options. Most closed systems come with nic salts only. With open pods, you can use anything from a 60:40 to 50:50 VG to PG ratio in open pods. You can choose your flavour, nicotine strength, freebase or nic salts and you’ll also get more use out of each pod. Most open pods last anywhere between 5 and 10 refills. You get a lot more use from them then a closed system. 

Closed pod kits we recommend: 

One of the most popular closed system kits is the Aspire Gusto. It’s been around a while but people who have used it often go back to i. It’s certainly worth looking at for a low maintenance option. Aspire have collaborated with the likes of Vampire Vape, Nasty Juice and Element to make the pods for this kit. You’ve got a huge number of flavours from tobacco to menthol to fruits. It’s also an ideal option for those of you who need a stronger nicotine level. All the pods are 20mg of nic salts which equates to a 36mg in freebase but without the harsh taste. It has a single button for switching it on and you just long-press to vape. 

There is another option that’s even less effort than the Gusto. The N One pods are a single use, pre-filled option you literally pick up and vape. They’re perfect for taking on a night out or if you just want to try a pod kit before you invest in one of the other options on this list. No buttons, no switches – just inhale to vape. They’re filled with a 20mg strength nic salt so give a quick hit when you really need it. They still come in a decent range of flavours from your more familiar tobacco to fruits, menthols and a combination of the two. Each one lasts you around 300 puffs. This means even heavier vapers will get a fair bit of use out of them. 

Open pod kits we recommend:

There’s a huge range of open pod systems to choose from. That being said, there are a couple we would particularly recommend looking at. The first is the Caliburn kit from Uwell. It’s a super slim device, can be used with either a button to fire it or in manual draw inhale-to-vape mode. The pods hold 2mls of e-liquid and despite its size it’s a super flavourful kit. Inside the pods is a 1.4ohm coil for a mouth to lung inhale and the battery is 520mAh – meaning you get plenty of vaping time between charges. 

The other option we’d suggest looking at is the Gala pod kit from Innokin. Similar to the Caliburn it’s a slim and slick looking pod e-cig but has slightly lower resistance coils. If you’re looking to use a 50:50 liquid with a lower nicotine strength it might be the better of the two for you. It comes preinstalled with a 0.5ohm pod for a more loose mouth to lung to a tight direct to lung inhale. There’s also a 0.8ohm pod in the kit which is distinctly more restricted and can be used with nic salts (10mg is ideal if you want a higher dose without the rough nicotine flavour). 

Regardless of whether you’re just getting into vaping or are interested in a more pocket-friendly kit for nights out, pod mods are a good way to go. They’re versatile, low maintenance and offer plenty of options given you can use them with both inhalation styles. Our personal favourites are usually the open pod systems but closed pod kits are a great choice for plenty of vapers too.

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