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Aegis Legend kit review

Aegis Legend kit review

June 11, 2019
Aegis Legend Kit Review
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  • Build Quality
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  • Flavour
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The Aegis Legend kit by Geek Vape is a continuation of the Aegis range of products. Known for their ultra-tough build, water and shock resistance and durable finish, the Legend kit also contains their highly regarded Alpha tank. There’s a great line up of colours available, including Camo and Snake Skin for the more adventurous types. Geek Vape are a company that have a whole range of unique products that really stand out from the crowd, both in operation and style. The Legend mod is a powerful 200w and looks the absolute business. I’m hoping that it lives up to its appearance in testing.

Build quality and specifications

The Aegis Legend mod runs on a pair of 18650 cells and is a little chunkier than some of the smaller, more compact devices on the market. However it’s by no means uncomfortably big and in the hand it’s very comfortable to hold, especially in a ‘trigger finger’ style. It’s surprisingly light and constructed from various materials including die-cast Aluminium, silicon and zinc alloy. The mod uses Geek Vape’s own advanced AS chipset with a bright coloured display screen. One of the biggest selling points of the Aegis range is their toughness and the Aegis Legend is claimed to be even more durable than the original Aegis mod. Geek Vape say that being IP67 waterproof, the mod is able to withstand immersion for up to 30 minutes and at a depth on one metre. I don’t think I would personally recommend swimming with the device but if you work outside in all weathers then this would be absolutely ideal for you. The IP67 rating also means that this is classed as dust-proof,  in tough working environments this is also a huge plus. Overall it’s a really strong construction and there’s no need to worry about the odd drop or knocking it off a table doing any serious damage. I’ve owned devices that have broken because of those kind of accidents, so it’s great to have something available that’s built to withstand the knocks of everyday life too.

The kit includes a spare glass for the tank, a spare coil, user manual and a bag of spares which includes O-rings and gaskets. Also included is a drip tip adapter if you prefer the smaller 510-type tip. There’s also a spare USB port rubber cover, which is important to have in place if you want the mod to be waterproof. All the buttons feel nice, and provide a positive response when pressed. The mod includes regular power mode, adjustable in watts up from 5w to 200w. Temperature control for Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium coils, as well as the facility to set up your own TCR values and variable power curves. The mod appears to read the resistance of the coils fairly accurately, I’ve tested the mod with a stainless steel coil and it performed fairly well, it didn’t feel quite as stable as some of the best performers in this area, but still acceptable.

The included Alpha tank is a fairly standard looking sub-ohm tank but it does have some nice features like an easy and quick access refill system. The coils are Geek Vape’s own ‘Super mesh coil system’ coils which offer great flavour and should last longer than the traditional round wire types. Because of the larger contact the mesh has with the cotton, it should give a substantial increase in vapour production too, but we’ll get on to the testing of that later. The finish on the tank is well done and appears to be fairly scratch resistant. The kit is nicely packaged and other than a pair of 18650 cells includes everything you need to get started, as well as all the essential spares too.

In use I found the device comfortable and the menus are straightforward and easy to get around. It’s all fairly simple and if anything it feels a little basic, the only display options being a simple colour change and brightness. I don’t see that as a negative necessarily, the USP for the Aegis is all about it’s construction and durability and with upgradable firmware there’s always the possibility of Geek Vape releasing new features and options.

Tank and flavour performance

Geek Vape have made some good performing coils in the past and these are no exception, mesh coils have pretty much become the standard for stock coil heads and it’s easy to see why. When they are done well they produce more flavour and vapour than traditional wire coils, and I’m pleased to say that Geek Vape have done a good job here, My favourite coil is the 0.4ohm dual mesh which I found gave excellent flavour around the 55w mark. Given that the 55w is shared across the two 18650’s, the battery life was really good and far better than some other similar kits; it would last a day at a construction site or factory without any problem at all. It you like a warmer vape with maximum vapour production there are other coils in the range that can be used around the 100w mark too.

Overall Performance and summary

Overall there’s very little to be negative about with this kit, especially if the main reason you are buying it is because of it’s water/shock/dust-proof construction. There have been times when it has been raining hard and I’ve been very wary about getting my vape out. Getting water inside battery compartments and on electronics is always a worry and having a device that you no longer have to worry about in those kind of conditions is a big plus. Obviously the tanks glass is the weak point, but if you used an RDA on top of the Aegis legend it would be almost unbreakable in normal use including minor accidents. The retail price around £60 puts it right alongside similar but less robust kits and I think it represents really good value. The tank and coils are comparable to a lot of modern sub-tanks on the market, it does the job and for the extra cost over the mod on it’s own it’s worth having but the Aegis Legend mod is the real star of this kit.

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