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Aspire Cleito Pro Review

Aspire Cleito Pro Review

July 24, 2019

The Aspire Cleito is one of the best selling sub-ohm tanks in the world. It has great performing coils and received many positive reviews and a very good reaction from vapers. The Cleito Pro is an update on that classic sub-tank, featuring an all new design and a wider 24mm size. There’s also a brand new range of Cleito Pro coils that feature a new mesh design. This tank has a lot to live up to coming from such a highly regarded heritage, so I’m keen to see how it performs.

Build quality and specifications

Opening the box for the first time the Cleito Pro tank certainly looks the part in its smooth black finish. There’s two different Cleito Pro coils supplied, a 0.5 ohm that’s installed in the tank and a spare 0.15 ohm mesh coil. Also included is an Aspire vape band and a bag of spare parts. For the UK it’s obviously a 2ml tank but a bubble glass is available separately to expand the capacity to 4.2ml.

The tank is 24mm wide so it will look nice on most of the larger dual battery mods. It’s around 37mm tall so it’s a fairly short tank too. Compared to some recent tanks the Cleito Pro is still fairly compact which a lot of people will appreciate. The wide bore drip tip has a nice shape that’s very comfortable on the lips and the Delrin material should help stop it getting too hot. The tank has what Aspire call a side fill design, it’s essentially a top fill but on the edge of the tank. It’s a simple pull up collar design that is easy to use. It’s available in black, silver and rose gold and the finish is very high quality. The machining on the tank is second to none and the threading is smooth and well cut. Overall it looks and feels impressive for a tank that retails under £25. I’ll be testing it out with some fantastic Peach from Skwezed e-liquids.

Flavour and performance

I’m trying out the 0.5 ohm pro coil first as it’s fitted in the tank already, recommended power is 60w-80w which is a good power range for most people. It’s a great vape right away at 65w and it’s giving me a very smooth vape, it’s a perfect draw that has just the right amount of restriction for a nice DTL vape with plenty of vapour. The coil is keeping up very well and there’s no sign of a dry hit even when pushing the power up to 75w. All the peach notes are coming though clear and strong from the liquid too.

On switching to the 0.15 mesh coil I found I didn’t really need to adjust the power and it also worked well around the 65 – 75 watt range. I think the flavour is slightly better with this mesh coil but I didn’t enjoy it as much personally. I think the airflow just felt nicer through the 0.5 ohm original coil. There isn’t much it in though to be honest, so it will come down to which you prefer as both perform very well. There’s also the option of using the older Cleito and Cleito EXO coils too, which is a huge plus as everyone will be able to find a coil to suit them. If you already enjoy using one of those tanks you’ll be able to use your current favourite coils in the Cleito Pro too.

Overall Performance and summary

The Cleito Pro is a great update to an already popular tank. A little wider then the original but still compact in size and will look great on the majority of modern mods. The top/side fill design is one of the best features and is far more convenient than having to unscrew something; it’s very quick and easy to fill the tank. Both of the included coils perform well, after a longer test the mesh version lasted a week longer before I started noticing a drop off in flavour. For all day DTL vaping the power levels needed for the coils isn’t excessive and on a good dual battery mod it was lasting me all day without any problem. The flavour from this tank is better than a lot of others with either coil and at its price it’s one of the best. At under £25 it represents genuine value for money, even with the extra few pounds for the larger capacity bubble glass. Aspire’s quality and performance is still pretty hard to beat.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Coil Life
  • Value for Money

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