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Aspire Zelos 2 Vape Kit Review

Aspire Zelos 2 Vape Kit Review

October 22, 2019

The Aspire Zelos II kit is, as you might imagine, a new version of the Zelos kit that Aspire has released alongside their Nautilus 2 tank. This update includes the Nautilus 2s tank which addresses some of the complaints about the original.

The Zelos mod appears virtually unchanged but has some updated colourways to match the 2s tanks. You can choose between Blue, Black or Grey and each looks very smart in its anodised finish.

I liked the original Zelos Kit but there was certainly room for improvement, especially after Innokin did such a great job with their Zenith tank. I hope Aspire have something here worthy to continue the well loved and respected Nautilus lineage.

Build Quality and Specifications

In the box we get a Nautilus 2S tank that’s pre-installed with a 1.8ohm MTL coil, and an alternative 0.4 ohm that’s designed primarily for DTL. There’s a full set of O-rings and seals for the tank too, which is good to see. As well as the installed tip, there’s also a second alternative type. The Zelos mod as I said appears almost identical to the mod in the older kit, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s a great little 50w mod that is well constructed and very comfortable to use.

There’s a standard micro USB cable for charging the 2500mAh internal battery, warranty and user manuals. The mod will output up to 50w which is more than enough for any of the Nautilus coil variants. The Zelos features adjustable wattage and also has variable voltage, bypass and temperature control mode for compatible coils. It appears this new version of the Zelos has upgraded firmware. You’re now able to adjust the wattage when in TC mode, something I don’t think it could do before. It’s a very compact, lightweight and ergonomic mod, which would make it ideal as a main device to carry around.

Tank and Flavour Performance

The Nautilus 2s is similar to the Nautilus 2 in some respects. It has a similar curvy bell like shape but there are some significant changes and improvements. The redesigned top fill cap is a major upgrade and the tank now features a large airflow slot as well as the original air holes. This of course means that it’s now far more capable as a DTL tank, all be it more restricted than a wide open dedicated DTL tank.

Using the 1.8 ohm coil it’s the familiar Nautilus coil mouth to lung vape, it’s amazing how long this coil has been around yet it still gives an excellent vape that’s hard to beat.  Switching to the new 0.4 ohm and turning the airflow control round to the wide slot, the DTL experience is very impressive for a small coil. It’s not going to compete with the DTL tanks with huge multi-coil heads when it comes to vapour production, but the flavour is very good and using a familiar liquid I could taste all the nuances in the flavour profile that I’m used to.

There’s a lot of benefits to using a tank like this for DTL vaping. Less liquid consumption, more battery life and the fact you can use it on a small mod like the Zelos.

Overall Performance and Summary

There’s a lot to like with the Zelos 2 kit. The Nautilus 2s is quite an improvement over the original. The twist, pop-up and slide top is convenient and largely mess free thanks to the silicon seal. Adding to that, the bigger adjustment in airflow means it’s more versatile overall.

Aspire seem very committed to this coil design which means there’s no worry about it becoming obsolete any time soon. The display is fairly ordinary but it’s bright and clear and displays everything you need. The 2500mAh internal battery was lasting me a whole day with the MTL coil around 11w and around half a day vaping at 27w with the 0.4 ohm coil.

I still think the Nautilus is a better used as MTL tank but if you are someone that likes to switch it up occasionally then the Nautilus 2s will allow you to do that. It also was wicking perfectly fine using a 70% VG liquid. The Zelos is still one of the best compact internal battery mods around, it’s smaller than almost all of the competition and still packs a respectable capacity battery for daily use. If you vape MTL most of the time but would like the option to DTL vape occasionally then this kit would be perfect and is hard to beat for the money.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

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