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Digiflavor Helix Kit Review

Digiflavor Helix Kit Review

August 19, 2019

We don’t see as many new Digiflavor products as we do from some of the bigger names, but when we do it’s often something unique and interesting. The Helix Kit is certainly unlike anything I’ve used before. It consists of a Helix mod, which is a lightweight ABS single 18650 mod, paired with a disposable Lumi tank. It’s probably the cheapest external battery sub-ohm kit option you’ll find. The whole kit is less than £20, so this could be the ideal starting point for trying DTL vaping; providing it performs well of course.

Build Quality and Specifications

Opening the box we find the Helix mod, it’s extremely lightweight, especially without a battery. It’s essentially a 26mm tube-style device, that’s slightly oval in shape, with a standard 510 connection on the top. We have three output modes to choose from which are bypass, 3.4 volts or 3.2 volts. It takes an 18650 sized battery that’s accessed by a removable door panel.

To turn it on it’s the standard 5 clicks on the fire button, 3 clicks will change the mode, and there’s an LED colour changing display to show you which mode you are in. Bypass is green, 3.4V blue, and red for the lowest setting of 3.2v. There’s a standard micro USB on the front for charging and there’s a cable included in the kit.  Also included is a small spares bag, along with the manual and warranty card.

The Lumi tank being disposable doesn’t have any separate coils, removable tip or anything like that. It is a one piece design with just a rubber bung covering the fill hole on the top, but the coil is a 0.3ohm kanthal mesh coil. Overall build quality of the mod is nice. The soft feeling ABS plastic feels good to hold and seems robust enough to take a knock or two. The Lumi tank does feel kind of cheap, which is to be expected I suppose. It is designed to be thrown away, having just a life of a few weeks until the coil starts to lose flavour.

Tank and Flavour Performance

I’m disappointed that you only get one Lumi Tank included in the kit. It essentially means you only have one coil out of the box. You have no spare and you can’t remove and prime the coil. So, if you accidentally burn the cotton on this one included, you’ll have to go and buy more before you can use it. After filling the tank, I would recommend leaving it at least 10-15 minutes before using it to make sure the cotton wick is fully saturated as there’s no second chances. I would also recommend starting at the 3.2v setting.

On the bypass setting I was getting very close to dry hits and things weren’t much better on the 3.4v setting using my liquid and the way I like to vape. On the lower power setting though I was getting a decent vape. It’s not going to compete with the best Sub-ohm tanks around, but for what it is, it’s not too bad. I’m not really sold on the idea of a throwaway tank. However I do think there may be circumstances where it would be handy.

Overall Performance and Summary

Looking at the mod on its own, I do really like it. If you are after a small, simple, lightweight and inexpensive mod with a removable 18650, then this is a good choice as most similar sized devices have built in batteries. People’s usual complaints around built in battery mods are that it makes them disposable, because once the battery has been through its cycle life, you have no choice but to dispose of it.

It seems a little strange to me that they would make the choice of pairing the Helix with a tank that is disposable. You do of course have the choice of using another tank on the Helix. I found it made an excellent little mod for using with a MTL tank in bypass mode. It gave me around 10-12w on a 1.4 ohm coil. Overall, there is a lot to like about the Digiflavor Helix Kit. The Helix mod was quite a surprise and I can see myself using it a lot as a small device to carry around.

I have to be honest and say the Lumi tank is something I could take or leave. I’m just not sold on the idea of a fully disposable tank. If I was going away for a weekend it could be a fuss-free option. It would seem ideal to take to the beach or something like that. If the idea appeals to you, then it will do what you expect and provide good flavour and a reasonable vapour production. The Helix mod I think would be worth the asking price on its own however. Even if the Lumi Tank doesn’t really appeal then the Helix Kit is still worth a look for the mod alone.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

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