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Eleaf Pico S Mod Review

Eleaf Pico S Mod Review

September 2, 2019

The Pico S is the latest mod in the Eleaf Pico range. The original was very compact and light, and it’s remained a popular choice for anyone looking for an inexpensive single 18650 mod. The Pico S is a similar design but can use a 21700 battery. This means larger capacity cells are available and the Pico S can now supply a maximum of 100 Watts. While looking somewhat similar to the older models with it’s familiar shape and raised battery cap, the Pico S has both some updated looks and features and also comes is a wide range of colours.

Build Quality

Eleaf say the Pico S design was inspired by sports cars, so I presume the ‘S’ stands for Sport. It’s a good looking mod and something a bit different from the usual choices. The battery tube has a nice texture on it that helps with battery fitment and removal. It’s a little bigger than the original Pico standing at around 80mm tall, 52mm wide and 28mm deep. It’s still fairly light though weighing around 142g without a battery in it. The Pico S can fire a resistance range between 0.05 ohms and 3 ohms, so however you like to vape the mod will accommodate it. The mod has a maximum power of 100w in variable wattage mode. It also has Bypass and TC options that covers the usual stainless steel, nickel and titanium wires as well as an adjustable pre-heat. There’s also 3 memory modes for you to quickly switch between 3 different setting or modes.

Specifications and User Interface

The adjustment buttons are now under the screen, rather than on the bottom like the original Pico and I much prefer this. There’s a little rattle from the buttons but only if you shake the mod quite hard, in general use they seem solid and have a nice tactile feel. There’s a row of LED’s behind the battery tube that reflect against it, you can choose their colour or turn them off if you wish. I think they look quite nice and help with the sports car vibe. There isn’t much else in the box other than the mod itself but you are supplied with a USB cable and user manual. The only other thing is an 18650 sleeve so you can use an 18650 battery. If you intend to use the Pico S up to it’s 100w maximum I would highly recommend using one of the higher amp 21700 cells.

The monochrome screen is bright and clear, it’s not very large but it’s not a large mod, so I think it suits well. Overall I like the updates over the original Eleaf Pico, the way you remove the whole battery tube to replace the battery works really well and is less fiddly than a small cap. The threads are smooth and I found no issues with this system. It feels great in the hand, very ergonomic and comfortable. I tried using atomisers up to 26mm wide and they all fitted without issue.

Mod Performance

Using the Pico S is simple and it has a logical user interface. Five clicks to turn on and off. Three clicks to change between the different modes, then it’s just a case of using the up and down buttons to make a selection and the fire button to accept. I didn’t even use the manual to get going using the Pico S. To get fully into the menu system you hold up and fire and holding up and down locks the adjustment buttons. It’s a very common way to do things and I prefer that over some less intuitive systems. In power mode the Pico S felt very accurate whether I was vaping at 12w or 60w, it felt smooth and how I would expect, no complaints there at all. Testing the mod in TC mode with an SS coil I did have some mixed results but I soon found a good vape with some minor adjustments which is often expected when vaping in temperature control.

Overall Summary and Conclusion

Overall I think Eleaf have another great addition to the Pico range. It’s by far the smallest 21700 mod I’ve ever used and it will be top of many people’s lists for that reason. It still has the great compact style of the other Pico mods but feels to me like an upgrade in build quality and design. It’s a very striking mod and if the looks appeal then I think it’s a good choice for a 21700 mod at a very reasonable price.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money
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