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Geek Vape Alpha Tank Review

Geek Vape Alpha Tank Review

July 4, 2019

Launched in 2015, Geek Vape have grown massively as a company in recent years. Producing some groundbreaking products such as the Aegis range of mods, that introduced us to some of the most robust designs ever seen, as well as some highly successful RTA’s and RDA’s. The Alpha tank is billed as Geek Vape’s flagship sub-tank. It’s been bundled into some Geek Vape kits before but is it worth buying on its own?

Build quality and specifications

Inside the box you get the Alpha Sub-Ohm tank with a replacement glass section, a general spares packet, instruction manual and 2 different types of coil: the 0.2ohm MM X1 coil being pre-installed in the tank and a spare 0.4ohm MM X2 Coil. The tank will hold 2ml of liquid, I believe there is a bubble glass available to increase capacity to 4ml but, due to TPD regulations it’s not included in the box of the UK version. This will of course mean regular filling throughout the day, but thankfully the tank does have a really neat button activated, spring loaded, top fill design.

geek vape alpha tank refill

Speaking of design, what makes this tank really stand out is its use of colourful swirly resin, not only for the drip tip, but also on the airflow control and around the top of the tank. You’ll either appreciate it’s colourful looks or not. I have the black and onyx resin version, so it’s quite a subtle effect. The silver and amber resin version is a lot more of in-your-face look. There’s 5 different colour combinations to choose from though, so there should be something to suit your personal tastes.

The Alpha Tank is 25mm wide at the base. It flares out from that just a little to give the tank a mellow barrel-like shape. It’s 41mm tall without the drip tip, so not too huge, and the drip tip is the standard 810 size, so no problems changing that for your favourite tip if you want to. Overall the quality and design of the tank is very good. It’s finished well and the machining and threading is faultless.

Flavour and performance

Sub-tanks like this tend to live or die on the performance of the coils. Mesh coils have pretty much become the industry standard for stock coil heads these days, so we get two different Geek Vape ‘MeshMellow’ coils with the Geek Vape Alpha. The MM X1is a 0.2ohm single mesh coil (60-110w), while the MMX2 is a 0.4ohm double mesh coil (50-80w). Both these coils are made with a Kanthal mesh and both give out a lot of vapour and a very saturated vape. Flavour was great on both and I didn’t notice a massive difference between them, that might be because I was using both around the 65w mark. The MM X1 can be used a lot higher than that, so if you like a warmer, higher powered vape then you have that option there. The good thing is I would be absolutely happy with either coil supplied. The flavour was starting to drop off a little after a couple of weeks of solid use of the coils but they were far from done and I’ll continue using them for a good while longer I expect.

There are two other coils available separately too. The MM SS Coil, which is a single mesh, 0.5ohm, stainless steel coil (60-110w) and a 0.5ohm MM X3, a triple mesh Kanthal coil (80-120w) giving you even more options to try.

Overall Performance and summary

There’s a few reasons why you might choose the Geek Vape Alpha tank over the many other sub-tanks available. If the swirly resin aesthetic appeals, and you are looking for a well designed sub-tank from a well regarded manufacturer, then you are half way there already. The 25mm width will mean it will fit nicely on almost any mod you’d consider using for this tank. On that point, it should be said that to get the most from this tank, you will need a high powered mod. I’d recommend a 150w dual 18650 as a minimum. Three of the MeshMellow coils can be used over 100w and if you want the best flavour and vapour production you probably won’t be far off that sort of power. If you enjoy vaping around the 40-60w mark, then this probably isn’t going to be the best choice. If you like a warm vape with massive amounts of thick vapour production then this is where the Alpha tank really excels.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Coil Life
  • Value for Money

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