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Geek Vape Cerberus Tank Review

Geek Vape Cerberus Tank Review

October 1, 2019

The Geek Vape Cerberus is a name you may have heard of before, as it came supplied with the Aegis Mini Kit and the Nova Kit. It’s a mesh sub-ohm tank that uses Geek Vape’s Super Mesh Coil System. There’s a few different versions of this tank, but what we have here is the 2ml TPD version for the UK. It comes in a range of colours from the traditional Black and Silver to a fancier rainbow finish.

Build Quality and Specifications

Across the base the Cerberus measures 25mm. Being that wide and only 2ml capacity it’s a very short looking tank. If you aren’t a fan of tall tanks then this will be ideal and it does look very good on smaller mods. It comes with two 0.2 ohm X1 Super Mesh coils that use organic cotton and Kanthal mesh. They have a wide usage range of 30w to 90w which means they’ll be suitable for use on single cell mods at lower settings.

The tank has a stainless steel construction and the machining is great, with no rough edges. The glass is Pyrex and overall it feels like a high quality tank. It features a top-fill design that’s very quick and easy to use. With just a quarter turn to remove and replace, the liquid ports are large and the tank is easy to fill with even the most chubby of bottles. On top there’s a wide bore drip tip and at the bottom there’s two large adjustable air intake slots.  Aside from the tank, you also get a spare glass section and a bag of O-rings and seals. The instruction manual is small but this is a very simple tank to use.

Flavour and Performance

The Cerberus is perfect for those looking for a tasty mid-power vaping experience. Geek Vape recommend a ‘best’ setting of between 60w and 80w. I found around the 45w range flavour and vapour production was still more than acceptable. That’s useful if you are running low on power or want to conserve battery life throughout the day.

The tank comes with only one type of coil, the Super Mesh X1, but there is an X2 coil that you can buy too. It’s a shame that both types aren’t included, but I can only presume that Geek Vape feel the X1 is the best coil for this tank. There’s no doubt it’s a great coil. The flavour I was getting using my favourite liquid was excellent and I was getting a very saturated and satisfying vaping experience. The airflow is smooth and there’s a lot of it. Wide open the Cerberus is very airy and more than enough for anyone I would imagine. Personally, I liked it best closed down a bit. I was getting great flavour as well as thick and voluminous vapour production.

The top fill is quick and easy which is a good thing, as 2ml of liquid isn’t going to last long. I found myself refiling several times throughout the day. A quick look online tells me there’s a larger glass/extension kit available which you may want to look into if you are going to be using the Cerberus as your all day tank.

Overall Performance and Summary

These days it’s hard to really separate one sub-ohm tank from another as they are all very similar. However, there’s a couple of things that really made the Cerberus stand out for me. I really like its clean look and how short it is. I think it looks great on some of the more compact mods. If you’re looking for a smaller sub-ohm vape to carry around then this is a great choice. The X1 coils included and the X2 coils available separately are some of the best mesh coils around in my opinion. Both give exceptional flavour and fantastic vapour production and wattage settings on the lower side of DTL vaping.

It looks like the tank is also compatible with Smok TVF8 baby coils too, which would be really handy if you run out of coils and need to find something local to you. The 2ml capacity and constant filling is not ideal when you’re on the go. That being said I didn’t find it too bad as filling is quick and easy. It seems that Geek Vape have hit the perfect balance between flavour and vapour production with the Cerberus. The Super Mesh coils heat up very quickly, perform better than a lot of others and have a decent overall life. Overall the Geek Vape Cerberus is a really excellent mesh coil tank that stands head and shoulders above many others, despite its diminutive stature.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Coil Life
  • Value for Money
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