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Geek Vape Frenzy Pod Kit Review

Geek Vape Frenzy Pod Kit Review

August 29, 2019

The Geek Vape Frenzy, like the Smok Trinity Alpha and the Smoant Pasito is another pod system in the style of the Lost Vape Orion. At first glance, it looks very similar to those devices. What I’m really interested in is what new or different features the Frenzy offers, if anything. The first thing to mention is that unlike a lot of ‘pod systems’ the Geek Vape Frenzy uses replaceable coils, so you aren’t throwing away pods every other week. In a lot of ways it seems more like a traditional tank and mod but in a compact pod-like format.

Kit Contents

Inside the box, there’s the device itself with a 0.7 ohm NS Kanthal Mesh Coil installed and a spare 1.2 ohm NS Stainless Steel Coil. There’s also a user manual and a standard micro USB cable for charging. The Frenzy uses Geekvape’s AS chipset that has both an automatic temperature control and power mode. The device will automatically detect which coil type you are using and change its settings accordingly. There’s three power levels for each mode, white, blue and green, white being the lowest and green being the highest. With the 0.7 ohm mesh coil you have the choice of 2.5 V, 2.7 V  and 2.9 V. With the 1.2ohm stainless steel TC coil you have the settings of 420, 440 and 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

Build Quality and Specifications

It’s a simple to use system and takes a lot of the guesswork out of setting it up. The Frenzy has a built in 950mAh capacity battery and it will hold 2ml of e-liquid. Two quick clicks on the button will show a colour to represent your battery level. It’ll also flash red when you are close to needing a re-charge. It has a 1 amp charge rate and I found it took around an hour to charge fully from empty.

The device is slightly smaller than both the Orion or the Trinity Alpha, but it is a little bit thicker. It measures around 72mm tall and 37 mm wide, so it’s a similar size and shape overall, although it’s a little thicker at just over 15mm deep. It has adjustable airflow which is smooth and easy to adjust. For me it’s 100% MTL but it might just suit a very restricted DTL draw, but I don’t think it’s really been designed for that. Overall I’m impressed with the fit and finish of the Frenzy, it feels genuinely like a high quality product and the buttons feel nice and responsive. The pod is very easy to take in and out too being held in by a magnet.

Pod Flavour and Performance

The pod is filled by removing a little rubber section in the bottom of the pod, which makes it slightly less easy to fill than some of the other similar devices. I tried out the fitted 0.7 ohm mesh coil first. The three power settings should have been giving me something around 9w, 11w and 12w. It felt around that level, maybe even a little higher. Either way, they are what Geek Vape felt appropriate for the coil and it’s not something you need to think about. You just set it to one of the three power level that works best for you and you’re ready to vape.

Temperature Control Mode

The flavour was very good, easily on par with the other similar styled devices. Switching over to the 1.2 ohm temperature control coil the Frenzy gives a noticeably different vape. It felt like I could push this coil to its hardest, so I was using it on the 460F setting and it performed really well. You can feel the chip regulating the temperature, and it does do a decent job of that. However, it didn’t feel like it was offering quite the same level of dry hit prevention as say the Orion DNA.

Overall though, I preferred the TC coil and the flavour was excellent using it. The airflow is easy to adjust and gives a really good MTL draw, especially if you close it down slightly. Like we’ve seen on other devices before, the pod window is very dark which makes it difficult to see your liquid levels. I wish it was a lighter shade. I tried both coils with different liquids, 50/50 nicotine salts with the 1.2ohm and 6mg 70VG liquids with the 0.7ohm. It performed fine and without issues with both of them.

The coils are tiny but relatively easy to replace. It just takes a quarter turn on the airflow section, you get a nice click and it comes away with the coil. Overall life from the coils was excellent, lasting weeks before I noticed any flavour loss. The tip on the pod is the perfect size in my opinion, with a nice narrow bore and enough length to make it comfortable.

Overall Performance and Summary

There’s a lot of positives with the Geek Vape Frenzy, it’s a really great compact all in one system with very good replaceable coils. It’s an inexpensive device to buy with the usual Geek Vape quality. With a packet of coils costing around £10 for five, it’s going to be economical to use too. It’s not perfect, filling could be easier and the battery was lasting me between 5 and 8 hours. This meant I did need to find an hour to charge it at some point during the day. But, for the price of the device and the price of the coils, it represents incredible value for what is a very good vaping experience.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money
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