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Geek Vape Lucid Kit Review

Geek Vape Lucid Kit Review

September 23, 2019

Geek Vape are probably best known for their excellent Aegis kits and mods. The Lucid Kit is something different, a small compact Lucid mod with a disposable Lumi Tank. I’m still not totally sold on the concept of tanks that you throw away when the coil is finished, but I guess it isn’t really much different to a lot of pod systems. Convenience seems to be where the market is heading and I think that’s a good thing overall. We all want vaping to be easy for smokers to pick up.

Build Quality and Specifications

There’s no doubt this is a nice looking kit. The Lucid mod is a similar style to the Eleaf Pico and the Smok AL85 with the battery cap allowing the overall size of the body to be a little shorter than the single 18650 battery that it uses. It will provide up to 80 watts of power, which is all you are realistically going to get from a single cell device. As well as wattage there’s temperature control modes for all the common TC wire types. If you decide to use the mod with a regular tank or RDA, you can do that too.

It uses a standard 510 connection, so you aren’t limited to only using the disposable Lumi tanks. The Lucid is very compact, it’s just 52.9mm wide, 75mm tall, and 24mm thick, so you can use tanks up to 24mm without overhang or hitting the battery cap. The screen on the side of the mod is bright, clear and easy to read even in direct sunlight. It displays all the information you might expect. The wattage or temperature, resistance, battery life are there as well as a handy puff counter.

If you want to see how long your Lumi tank coils are lasting then the puff counter is perfect for that. It’s far more accurate than just counting days. Build quality of the mod is great, I really like the finish and design. It feels lovely and light but it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s made from a very light alloy and the finish is as good as I’ve seen anywhere.

Tank Specifications

The Lumi tank has a capacity of 2ml and a mesh 0.3ohm coil fitted with a rating of 30 to 45 watts. It has a top fill system via a rubber plug. Aesthetically it does look really nice sat on top of the mod, the clear plastic material and built in drip tip gives it a clean and modern look. You only get one Lumi Tank with the kit. The coils are not replaceable so this does mean you’ll either need to buy more Lumi tanks very quickly or have another tank you can use. Otherwise you could get caught out, especially if you damage the coil by accident. There’s not much to say really, it’s a plastic disposable sub-ohm tank. But if it vapes well then I’m ok with that.

Tank and Flavour Performance

To fill the Lumi tank you just pop up the silicon bung on the top and squeeze your liquid in. The fill port is big enough to get most regular sized nibs in without any issues. After filling you need to let it sit for a while as it’s not possible to prime the coil before filling. The last thing you want to do is burn the only coil in the kit. Conscious of this myself, I started vaping at the lowest recommended setting of 30 watts.

I was really surprised with this tanks performance. The flavour was really good and vapour production was equal to many sub-tanks with larger removable coils. I found the sweet spot was around 38 watts for myself and the liquid I was using. I can’t argue that the Lumi tank isn’t convenient and easy to use, it is. It also looks great and performs really well.  I noticed the flavour dropping off after a few weeks, I’m sure I could have used it for longer but switching to a different tank with a fresh coil I could notice the difference.

Overall Performance and Summary

The Lucid Kit has clearly been designed for DTL vaping. I think the wattage range is perfect for this size of device. It gives a far better DTL vape than the smaller pod systems, which I always feel are better suited to MTL vaping. If you’re looking for that convenience but need a satisfying DTL vape more like you get from a regular sub-tank then this could be just what you are looking for. If you decide that the Lumi tanks aren’t for you, I think the mod alone is well worth the price. It’s is only around £30 for the kit. For medium power sub-ohm vaping, it’s great value and recommended, especially for new vapers.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

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