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Innokin Gala Pod Kit Review

Innokin Gala Pod Kit Review

August 21, 2019

The Innokin Gala pod kit is a slim and stylish modern take on a traditional e-cigarette. With classy looks and smooth bevelled edges to feel comfortable in the hand, it’s already looking promising. It’s been designed for mouth to lung vaping and should be ideal for smokers looking to make the switch. It comes in a range of colours from classic black or white, to bright multi-coloured options. I’ve been massively impressed by a lot of Innokin products recently, so I hope they can continue to surprise me with the Gala. I have the full UK version here to test and I’ll be using liquids from the SOLT nicotine salts range.

Build Quality and Specifications

There’s quite a lot of goodies in the box, aside from the Gala device itself. We get two different pods, one has a 0.5 ohm Mesh PLED3D coil which I presume is a similar coil to the ones for the Zenith and Zlide tanks.  Your other pod is a 0.8ohm with a ceramic coil. It’s not actually a ceramic coil as such, it’s a wire coil with ceramic wicking. In theory at least, it should last longer than cotton wicked coils. The ceramic coil has a different coloured bottom to the pod, so it’s easy to tell them apart, good job Innokin!

We get a small bag with some ‘Tip adapters’. These are for attaching to your e-liquid bottle to make filling an easier and less messy experience, which seems like a great idea, so I’m curious to see if they work. There’s also a standard micro USB cable for charging, a user manual and a pretty nice lanyard to hang the Gala from, if you are so inclined. It’s a nice little extra to get included how ever you may feel about them.

Using the Gala

With the pod fitted the whole device is under 11cm long, and only around 2.5cm wide, perfect for slipping in your pocket. The Gala does look a little more elegant than some similar pods, it feels very well made and of a premium quality too. It actually feels quite weighty, which surprised me when I first picked it up. It’s far from heavy of course, but it’s made of metal and feels solid. It features an automatic draw system, so there’s no buttons to press, you just draw on the Gala and it springs into action.

Down the front of the device there’s an attractive LED strip display which lights up in your choice of colour when vaping and after you’ve inhaled it will light up green, orange or red to give you an idea of the battery life remaining. If that all sounds a bit much, there’s a stealth option too that allows you to turn the LED display off. The Gala runs on a built in 500mAh battery, which should last the best part of a day if used with a suitable higher nicotine e-liquid.

Pod Flavour and Performance

Filling the pod is probably the most annoying thing about the Gala. It’s not too bad, and no worse than a lot of other similar pod systems. However even when using the tip adapter, it was a little fiddly and slow to get the pod filled up. The pod clips into the top of the Gala with a reassuring click. There’s no movement or wobbling once fitted correctly. I tested the PLED3D pod first as I wanted to compare it to the  PLED3D coil fitted in my Zlide tank. I’m happy to say I have no complaints. Flavour was very good and there was a surprising amount of vapour for such a small pocket-friendly device.

It’s not quite as good as the flavour from the Zlide tank, but it really wasn’t far off, which is more than I expected if I’m honest. This coil was in use for over a week without any loss of flavour.  I had to double check when I switched the pods over because the 0.8ohm ceramic coil pod didn’t really seem any different to me. That’s not a bad thing really as both pods and coil types worked great. If you are more sensitive to wicking materials you might notice more difference.

I tried some 70% VG with the ceramic coil too and didn’t have any issues at all. It seemed to wick the thicker liquid just fine. The only other minor gripe I have on the pods is that they are a little dark to see through. This makes seeing your liquid level quite difficult unless you are in bright sunlight.

Overall Performance and Summary

Overall the Innokin Gala is one of the highest quality pod systems of this type that I’ve used. The overall construction, fit and finish is fantastic. It’s hard to believe that this retails for under £20. The pods perform really well and the device charges from dead to full in around an hour. I’m not usually a fan of lights and LED’s but the strip on the face of the Gala looks somewhat classy and has a range of functions that are quite handy. Innokin have another quality product with the Gala and it is highly recommended if you are looking for this type of device.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

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