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Innokin iSub-B Tank Review

Innokin iSub-B Tank Review

September 4, 2019

The original iSub tank was one of the very first sub-ohm tanks Innokin produced and was a direct competitor to KangerTech’s Subtank. The Innokin iSub-B sub-ohm tank is the sixth in the series and it has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. The new iSub uses Innokin’s Plex3D Coils that we first saw in the Plexar kit, which are very good. It’s also a DTL tank that sits in the mid-wattage range so it should make a great daily use tank.

Build Quality and Specifications

As always the iSub-B comes in a nice package. Aside from the tank itself that comes fitted with a 0.35 ohm coil, there’s also another spare coil in the box too. We get a full set of spare seals and O-rings, a spare glass section, as well as an Innokin branded vape band.  The included quick start guide is handy and will get any new vaper using the tank within minutes.

The iSub-B is a 24mm tank so will fit on all but the smallest mods without any over hang. The UK version holds 2ml of liquid and it has a quick top fill system and something that Innokin calls Anti-flood protection. The Plex3D coils are rated for 30-55 watts, this is my favourite wattage range for DTL vaping as with the right coil design you can get all the flavour and vapour production you want, but still have a sensible battery life. The tank is made from high quality Stainless Steel and genuine Pyrex glass. Overall the iSub-B is well made and the machining is as good as I’ve seen anywhere else, with threads that are smooth and perfectly cut. The SS finish I have has been highly polished and looks fantastic. It has a very clean look with the Innokin logo only featuring on the base, it’s quite subtle and keeps everything looking tidy and smart.

The anti-flood system is there to minimise flooding when filling. Unscrewing the top cap to fill the tank means a loss of pressure that can cause flooding and leaking, but the iSub-B has a unique system that completely shuts off the juice ports when you remove the top. It works very well indeed and I had not even the slightest gurgle after repeated filling.

Flavour and Performance

Filling the tank does feel a little old school in the fact that the whole top unscrews, unlike some of its competition that feature sliding tops. It does work well though, thanks in part to the very well cut threads, and it’s needed for the anti-flood mechanism system to engage. The coils have a wood-pulp and cotton mix for the wicking and I found that it works very well and could easily keep up with me taking 4 or 5 pulls in a row. I could visibly see all the little air bubbles coming up inside the tank, which was reassuring.

The airflow adjustment is excellent with a very wide range of options, the wide open airflow was more than I was expecting and closed down to one single hole it was tight enough to almost vape MTL. A big plus for me is that it takes a standard 510 drip tip. I’ve always felt that the 810 size was too big for tanks in this wattage range and here the wide bore 510 is a perfect match, with the option of changing to a different size or shape if you want.

Coil Performance

Starting at the low end of the wattage range, at 30w I found the vape cool and pleasant but the flavour was a little lacking, it was still a nice vape experience though with good vapour production. At 40w the tank really started to come alive for me and there was a noticeable improvement in flavour. Over 40w things started to get a bit warm for me personally but at 55w the coil was still performing really well. Overall I was very impressed with the 0.35 ohm Plex3D coils, I was using them for well over a week before noticing a slight drop in flavour, but 2 weeks later they were still perfectly usable.

Overall Performance and Summary

Tanks like the iSub-B live or die on the coils available and I’m happy to say that the Plex3D coils for this tank are very good. If used around the 40w range they deliver a really great vape and excellent overall coil life. You can safely use liquids up to 80% VG without any signs of the wicking not keeping up. The flavour is full and all the different flavour notes of quite complex blends were there. I experienced no leaking or flooding and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the iSub-B for anyone looking for a DTL tank to use daily, especially if you want to use it on a single battery mod and still have good battery life.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Coil Life
  • Value for Money

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