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Innokin Kroma iSub-B Kit Review

Innokin Kroma iSub-B Kit Review

September 26, 2019

The new Innokin Kroma iSub-B Kit is made up of two products we’ve seen before. The Kroma mod is the same mod that comes with the MTL Kroma Zenith Kit, and the iSub-B tank was available on its own earlier in the year. So what we have here is a Kroma Kit for DTL vapers. Innokin have made some amazing products in the last couple of years. They always have a strong focus on practical designs that create a fantastic vaping experience. The Kroma iSub-B kit is available in 3 very smart looking metallic finishes and I have the stainless steel version to test.

Build Quality and Specifications

As always the presentation of Innokin products is great and opening them is a treat. The Kroma mod is a much smaller mod than it looks in pictures. It’s very compact and its ergonomic shape is a real pleasure to hold and use. Inside it’s powered by a 2000mAh battery. This isn’t huge for a DTL kit but the iSub-B is quite an economical tank when it comes to power. The kit comes with a nice quality USB charging cable for charging and is capable of charging at 2 amps. The wattage range is 6w to 75w and the mod features temperature control for compatible coils and tanks.

There’s a perfectly placed fire button and a small but easy to read screen on the side of the mod. It isn’t a complicated mod but it’s all the better for that. The iSub-B tank comes with a spare glass tank section, as well as spare O-rings and a top fill sealing gasket. The iSub-B is a 24mm tank and fits the Kroma perfectly. This UK version has a 2ml capacity but thankfully it has a quick top fill system, so it’s not too much of an issue.

The Plex3D coils are rated for 30-55 watts, so you won’t be burning through liquid like you would on a tank that needs 80 or 90w.  With the mesh coil design you can get all the flavour and vapour production you need for a satisfying DTL vape, but still have a sensible battery life.  Overall everything inside the box feels great and the fit and finishing on both the mod and the tank is excellent. To Innokin’s credit, they are perfect partners in both look, and how they work together.

Tank and Flavour Performance

At around 40w I think the flavour is exceptional. It has a perfect slightly restricted draw, with a good range of adjustment. The Plex3D coils are some of the best I’ve used. They wick perfectly even at the upper range of the coils rating. I pushed one right up to 60w and it still kept up and gave an excellent vape. I found that the Plex3D coils lasted really well and can offer several weeks of great performance.

The iSub-B is very well made and has excellent machining, with threads that are smooth and perfect everywhere. It has a very clean and smart look and the tank is made from high quality Stainless Steel. The iSub-B also has a unique system that completely shuts off the juice ports when you remove the top to fill. It works very well indeed and eliminates any gurgling or flooding. If there is any negatives to speak of it’s that the top fill isn’t the easiest system. You have to unscrew the top, rather than just sliding it over like say on a Zlide tank. Other than that, for me it’s pretty much the perfect DTL tank.

Overall Performance and Summary

If you like a DTL vape but don’t want to be carrying a massive set up around with boxes of spare batteries and bottles of liquid, then this kit is for you. It’s very compact and gives an excellent vaping experience. It will need charging at some point during the day. With quick 2A charging, if you charge during your lunch break, it’ll see you through the rest of the day.

I tried a range of liquids in the iSub-B and had no issues at all even with a thick 80% VG  blend. Another big plus was that I didn’t experience any leaking or flooding, which a lot of sub-ohm tanks can suffer from if you are carrying them around all day. The Innokin Kroma iSub-B Kit fills an often large gap in the market these days. Many of the DTL sub-ohm kits are large, need lots of power and have a large thirsty tank. The Kroma iSub-B is none of those things. I expect there are many vapers for whom the Innokin Kroma iSub-B Kit will be a perfect option.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money
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