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KangerTech – Brand Review

KangerTech – Brand Review

July 2, 2019

KangerTech are one of the giants of Chinese vaping manufacturing. Many of us started vaping with the mega-popular range of subtanks which were considered groundbreaking. Their OCC and SOCC coils were an industry standard when I first started vaping and produced a quality of vape like no other for their time. Their range of products cover everything from all in one pen and stick-type devices to 200w box mods. True pioneers of vaping and never afraid to take risks with innovation, KangerTech have had some hits and some misses over the years but have consistently proven themselves around the world for their quality and great value vaping kits.

Beginner Kits and Devices from KangerTech

At the simplest end of the KangerTech spectrum are products like the ever popular Subvod kits. These are devices that aren’t much bigger than a typical marker pen. Simple to use and easy to carry around, they are the perfect entry level kit at an entry level price. These very affordable ‘no-frills’ kits remain very popular with new vapers especially. The Evod kits are similar in design but feature an ‘all in one’ tank and mod, to keep things even simpler. If you are looking for a pen device then both the Evod and Subvod rangers from KangerTech are well worth a look.

Variable Wattage from KangerTech

Going up a level the Subox mini kit comes with a Subtank mini tank, which was the tank I quit smoking with. It’s a great little 22mm tank that can use either the SOCC or OCC coil heads. You can buy these in both sub-ohm direct to lung and higher resistances that make great MTL coils too. The KangerTech Subtank is a very versatile tank and will suit many styles of vaping. The KangerTech Kbox mod is a single 18650 device with a range of options for power and temp control vaping, together with the Subtank this makes a very reliable and worthy set up. The Subox mini kit comes with everything you need to start your vaping journey.

Advanced Kits by KangerTech

One of the first mass produced squonking devices, the KangerTech Dripbox was KangerTech’s first foray into the dripper market. It’s a really unique device that you can buy pre-assembled dripper coils for that screw straight into the deck of the RDA. With 60w of power and a 7ml bottle to hold liquid it’s a great entry level device for dripping novices.

If you are looking for a higher powered, more feature packed Kit, then the KangerTech Ripple Kit should be on your list to check out. It comes with a dual 18650 Ripple Mod and a matching Ripple Tank. It’s a very smart looking device with a cool off-set screen. It’s a very nice lightweight device made from a robust plastic, which makes it perfect for a daily carry device. You have a choice of 3 operating menus, Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. For simple wattage use you can just leave it in beginner mode and not worry about the other options. Intermediate will switch the mod to TC mode and Expert will allow you to use the memory slots to sort various power and TC settings. The ripple tank is a sub-ohm tank that appears to use the same style of coils as the Smok Baby, so that will give plenty of choice when it comes to coil choice. It’s lower priced than a lot of similar kits, so it’s a bit of a bargain and the textured feel of the mod makes it great for people that work outside who need something that isn’t going to slip from your hand.

KangerTech New Releases

Another recent high powered kit is the KangerTech Ranger, which is a step up from the Ripple with a beautiful large colour screen. Powered by dual 18650 batteries it can give you up to 200W maximum output. It’s a compact design and unlike the ripple has sleek, smooth surfaces which makes it comfortable to hold, if a little slippery. The OLED screen displays data clearly and it has the same three vaping modes and functions as the Ripple. With a push-to-open top filling system on the tank, it’s easy to refill. It uses KangerTech’s Milli coil heads and the kit comes complete with 2 different options including a mesh-type. The Ranger comes in a range of colours and is the premium KangerTech kit of the moment.


KangerTech were established in 2007 and have been building on their popular brand name ever since. They have a hugely successful range of tanks, that are regularly updated to incorporate the latest innovations in vaping technology. KangerTech’s also have a range of mods that will satisfy beginners and experienced vapers and have a solid reputation for quality and great prices. If ever there was a brand where the ‘something for everyone’ tag can, and should be, applied, it’s the legendary KangerTech.

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