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Lost Vape Orion DNA Pod Kit Review

Lost Vape Orion DNA Pod Kit Review

August 27, 2019

We’ve seen several pods systems in a similar style to the Lost Vape Orion recently, but the Orion DNA is the original and some would say the best. Lost Vape are known for making mods that are a little more expensive and better quality than the average. The Orion uses Evolv’s DNA Go chipset, which is a stripped down DNA board designed specifically for use in pods and AIO’s. I’m curious to see if it will add anything to such a simple device and if the overall quality is up there with the other Lost Vape products that came before.

Build Quality and Specifications

Right out of the box you can tell this device is something special. The packaging and presentation are great and I was impressed to see 3 pods included with the kit. It’s an indicator to me that this kit hasn’t been put together to be as cheap as possible. There’s a 0.5 ohm MTL coil fitted and there’s a packet of two 0.25 ohm DTL pods as spares. Both resistance pods have stainless steel coils inside. This enables the DNA board to do its ‘replay’ feature, which is essentially a simple to use temperature controlled system.

Orion DNA Construction

The body of the Orion is stainless steel, which isn’t a light material and the device feels surprisingly weighty for its size. What it doesn’t feel is cheap, the carbon fibre panels on the one I have here are real, genuine carbon fibre. They do look and feel stunning compared to carbon-look decals. It’s much smaller than it looks in pictures and much slimmer than other similar style pods I’ve used before. It’s around 93mm tall, 37 wide and only just over 13mm thick. The pods come with a built in driptip and airflow ring. It can be adjusted for a tight MTL draw or opened wide for DTL vaping.

Overall the quality of the device is above average, everything feels suitably high quality for the price. Maybe the most important thing is what’s going on inside with the Evolv DNA Go electronics. Like the previous DNA devices you can connect the Orion to a computer. There, you can make adjustments using Evolv’s free software Escribe.  You can set up different profiles on the DNA Go and make adjustments for wattage, boost etc. The device does come ready to use though, so this is an option for those that like to tinker. The Orion has a built in 950mAh battery and can output up to 40w. The actual power delivered will vary depending on the resistance of the pod attached and the settings in Escribe.

Pod Flavour and Performance

The pods are very easy to fill, you simply unscrew the little cap on the fill port. It’s a good size and you won’t have any issues filling with any standard bottle tip. Then it’s just a case of clipping it in the top of the Orion. It’s not possible to prime the coil, so I left it for 10 mins before vaping on it to make sure the wick was fully saturated. As standard it’s set up for three different wattage levels for MTL/DTL which it automatically detects by reading the resistance of the coil. There’s plenty of power for me in the lowest setting so that’s where I left it for the most part.

Fixing Your Settings

When you are happy with a draw, you simply hold the ‘mode’ button, it will turn green and you’ll be vaping in Replay mode. In simple terms that means the vape experience will always be consistent, it also offers dry hit prevention which is important as I found the pods to be very long lasting, and you don’t want to ruin one by running it dry and burning the cotton.

When you feel the vapour production tapering off and the power throttling back you know it’s time to refill, it’s much more convenient that trying to peer inside the pod all the time. From a performance side it’s pretty hard to beat this set up. The flavour is especially noteworthy and without a doubt one of the best I’ve ever had from a pod, it’s up there with the very best.

Overall Performance and Summary

Other than the price there isn’t really any negatives to speak about. The kit is around £70, with a packet of two pods around £10. So it’s not a cheap device to pick up on a whim to try. However two pods will last a month without any problem with heavy use. With less frequent use, you may even a month out of them. I’ve been using the same 0.5 ohm pod for 3 weeks now.  So, compared to cigarettes you’ll still be saving a load of money.

If it’s exactly what you want then it will be worth every penny. The DNA Go board along with the wide airflow adjustment means you can tailor the vape exactly how you like it. I had no issues with using 70% VG with either coil, so you can use a very wide range of liquids with the Orion too. It’s not cheap but it might just be the ultimate pod system. It doesn’t have any of the drawbacks that others suffer from.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

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