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SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

August 12, 2019

The Trinity Alpha kit from SMOK is a lightweight all-in-one vaping device. You could call it a pod system, but unlike most pods this uses replaceable coils in what is essentially a tank. To me it’s more of an AIO device. Either way, it’s clearly been designed to be as pocket friendly as possible. It’s small, light and convenient, but none of this matters if it doesn’t vape well, so lets hope the Trinity Alpha doesn’t disappoint in this respect.

Build quality and specifications

My first impressions of the Trinity Alpha are positive, it’s a very small device and somewhat smaller than it appeared in the pictures I’d seen. It’s only 91mm tall, 38mm wide and 16mm thick, it would slip in your trouser pocket without any problem. There’s two different Nord coils in the box, a 0.6 ohm mesh and a 0.8 ohm MTL mesh. It’s nice to get two different types included in the kit, but I would have preferred to see the 1.4 ohm MTL Nord coil for a bigger resistance difference; Perhaps SMOK feel that these two give the best vape on the Trinity Alpha. There’s also a standard micro USB cable and a user manual included too.

The main frame is made from a zinc alloy and is coated in a very shiny high gloss paint. On the sides there’s what looks to be resin panels, these are shiny too unlike the more common soft matte finish resin, so maybe they are some kind of plastic. There’s a fire button and a mode button that will change the power between three settings. The drip tip is a standard 510 type which is nice to see, if you have a favourite tip already then it will pop straight in the Trinity Alpha. The specs state that the 1000mAh internal battery can deliver up to 30w, but this will depend on the coil you are using. The Trinity Alpha also has all the common safety features onboard: 8 second cut-off, short-circuit protection and a low voltage warning.

Pod flavour and performance

Fitting the coil couldn’t be any easier, it’s a push fit and once lined up it just pops into the pod. I’m going to try the 0.8 ohm MTL coil first with some of the new Solt nicotine salt range. Filling is also a breeze thanks to the sliding top on the fill port. This surprised me a little as it looks like a screw on and off cap, but it’s way easier and quicker. I think SMOK did a really nice job on the pod overall. It’s very easy to put the coil in and fill with liquid, which isn’t the case on all devices.

There isn’t any airflow adjustment on the Trinity Alpha, so having a choice of coils with different sized centre holes is important, as that will dictate to some extent what kind of draw you get. The draw on the 0.8 ohm coil is certainly MTL but it might be a little looser than some prefer. I personally think it’s fine and I got used to it pretty quickly. The flavour was very good, I’ve used the Nord coils before and I think they are some of the best coils SMOK manufacture. Adjusting the power between the low, medium and higher power settings there’s quite a bit of difference, I found the medium setting to my liking. The higher power felt a little warm for MTL and the lower feeling a little bland.

Switching to the 0.6 ohm coil, it has a noticeably looser draw and it’s fairly easy to do a DTL inhale, if a little more restricted than I’m used to. Flavour is again very good and I found this coil best at the highest power setting. Overall I think the ‘pod’ part of the kit is excellent. It’s easier to fill than many, it takes known and very good coils and you don’t have to throw it away. The vape experience is easily on par with more traditional small tanks and mods, and better than many of the smaller pod systems. It’s fully saturated, flavourful and a very enjoyable and satisfying vape.

Overall Performance and summary

Let’s get some slightly negative points out of the way first. It’s great to have to have variable power, but I’m not keen on SMOK calling it ‘soft, normal and hard’. I think low, medium and high would make far more sense, especially to new vapers. It’s also quite difficult to see your liquid level when it starts to get low, exactly when you really do need to see it. I found myself having to pull the pod out to check which isn’t ideal.

Those little niggles aside I do think this is a great device, it only weighs around 90g and the performance is quite exceptional for such a small system. The Nord coils are very good and with a wide range to choose from everyone should be able to get a vape they like with a little experimenting, regardless of whether you prefer a MTL or DTL draw. Battery life was great and I never had to recharge until late at night. Overall at the price of around £30 I think the Trinity Alpha is a good buy for anyone looking for this type of device.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

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