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Uwell Caliburn Kit Review

Uwell Caliburn Kit Review

July 15, 2019

Uwell are probably best known for their popular and well respected Crown tank range, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me when I first heard about this new Caliburn Kit. It’s Uwell’s first pod system and at first glance it has a fairly traditional e-cigarette design, similar to the Smok Infinix and many others. If you are anything like me the question you’ll first have is, does it actually offer anything new or is it just more of the same?

Build quality and specifications

Presentation wise it’s functional rather than flashy. Inside the box we find the Caliburn Pod System that has a pod fitted, a spare pod and a USB charging cable. Aside from a user manual there’s nothing else talk about. I would have liked to have seen two extra pods, a lanyard or some extra goodies, as to me it felt a little underwhelming when I first opened the box.

It’s powered by a 520 mAh built in battery and has a fixed wattage of 11w. The pods have coils with a resistance of 1.4 ohms, so 11w sounds about right to me for a good MTL vape. It has two firing modes, a draw activation and a button, so you can choose whether to use the fire button when you vape or not. The pods hold 2ml of liquid and have a top-filling design where you just pull the mouth piece off to reveal the filling ports. Inside the pod you can see a traditional vertical coil head that looks like many replacement coils on the market, but the coil isn’t replaceable here.

There’s a micro USB port on the bottom of the device and it only takes about an hour to fully charge the Caliburn. Putting the plastic pod aside, the main body of the device is a nicely machined and finished aluminium alloy, that comes in a range of colours. There’s also a small LED to show battery life, it will show green over 60%, blue for 30-60% and red when you are under 30%.

Flavour and Pod performance

Being an open pod system, the pods are not pre-filled so you can use a liquid of your choice. I’m using an old favourite, Manabush’s Powwow; it’s a great 50/50 dessert tobacco that I think will work well in these pods. Filling the pods is a lot easier than on some similar devices, the fill holes are plenty big enough for a standard 10ml bottle and there’s no annoying, tiny, rubber bungs to deal with. The fill holes are simply sealed when you replace the mouth-piece. It’s a really good design that’s far less messy and fiddly than others I’ve used.

The flavour from the Uwell Caliburn is very good for such a small and inexpensive device, I suspect in part because of the coil design, it’s a familiar vape that isn’t unlike the flavour from something like a Nautilus or Zenith coil. Vapour production is right about where you would want it for a device like this too. It’s sounds a bit uncomplimentary to say it’s a very standard MTL vape, but that’s actually a positive. When a device like this can hold its own against a more expensive and highly regarded mod and MTL tank set up, that’s a big compliment.

Overall Performance and summary

Overall I think the Uwell Caliburn is a great little device. There’s no real negatives for me at all. It feels and looks well made, the magnetic pods snap into the device well and there’s nothing loose or rattly. It’s simple to use and it charges quickly. The pods perform really well and produce a vape that won’t disappoint anyone who’s used to MTL vaping with a stock coil tank. If that’s you and you just need something smaller and lighter on occasion then the Caliburn would be a perfect choice.

It’s a very light device weighing just over 30g and the 110mm length is small enough to pocket easily. It’s quite easy to see your liquid level, which is essential on these types of devices because if it runs dry you’ll ruin the coil and have to change the whole pod. The Uwell Caliburn Kit is around £25 with replacement pods costing around £12 for 4. I think £3 a pod is fair and I’m getting good overall life from them, around a couple of weeks, but that’s using a dark tobacco flavoured liquid, with a lighter fruit liquid I expect you’d get even longer. While the overall appearance isn’t the most inspiring design, the excellent performance more than makes up for that, and lets be honest, that’s what’s important.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

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