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Uwell Crown IV Mod Review

Uwell Crown IV Mod Review

June 26, 2019

Many of you will be familiar with the Crown sub-tank from Uwell. Now on its fourth version, it’s been one of the most popular and beloved stock coil sub-ohm tanks here in the UK. Not so well known maybe, is the Crown 4 Mod, (or Crown IV Mod if you prefer). Released at the same time as the tank, it is obviously the perfect partner for that, but I’ll be checking it out to see if it would make an ideal mod for different tanks you might have already. While it has a very traditional box mod shape, it has smoothed off corners and a lightweight zinc alloy frame. It comes in a range of colours and its panels have an engraving-style design. Size wise it’s close to the Voopoo Drag Mini, which is quite an achievement for a twin 18650 device.

Build quality and specifications

First impressions of the Crown 4 Mod are good, it’s quite beautiful and it’s surprisingly small for a twin 1860 mod. It measures around 83mm tall and 52mm wide, with a thickness of 25mm. It feels very nice to hold with its rounded off corners and it’s not that heavy. It isn’t what I would consider light once you’ve put two batteries in it, but neither does it feel like a brick. It just feels solid and well made. It’s constructed with a zinc alloy frame with what feels like aluminium panels. The coating on the frame a kind of anodised finish and should be hard wearing, I’ve tried to scratch it with a screwdriver and it’s held up well with just a little marking. On the bottom of the mod is some silicon rubber strips which prevent it from sliding around and also offers some protection from scratching the base of the mod. The battery door fits well with very minimal movement, it’s so slight you wouldn’t notice it in normal use. The fire button feels really nice and has a kind of textured coating. The OLED screen is bright, clear and has an uncluttered appearance.

Output and resistance options

The Crown 4 has an output range of 5 – 200 watts and can fire coils ranging from 0.1ohms to 3.0ohms, so whatever resistance you typically use this mod will have no issues on that front. Temperature control is a little different on this mod. Because the Crown 4 tank uses SS904 coils, by default the mod is set up for this wire type. If you want to use SS316L, Ni200 or whatever your usual TC wire is, you’ll have to set that up manually in the TCR mode. I set it up for SS316L to test the TC as that’s what I use for TC vaping. If you can’t be fussed to do this then you can of course stick to regular power mode. There are no power curve or pre-heat options, some people may feel this is a negative but the reality is most vapers don’t use them and to me they often seem a bit gimmicky, and have little effect on the quality of the vape.

The 510 connection has a 25mm platform, so ideally this mod is suited to 25mm tanks and under, any bigger and it will overhang. It will of course still function fine but it does somewhat ruin the overall aesthetic.

Mod performance and summary

The Crown 4 feels very accurate in power mode. I tested it with an MTL Innokin Zlide at 14w and a Geek Vape Alpha sub-ohm tank at 60w and both gave the heat and vapour that’s consistent with other mods I own. It fires fast and has a smooth power delivery. The buttons are really nice on the Crown 4, the fire button feels responsive and has a nice solid click. For whatever reason the battery life seems excellent, I’d guess that the propitiatory board is very efficient and I was finding I was getting an extra hour or two vaping than I might expect from a pair of Samsung 30Q’s.

The mod has all the usual safety features you would expect like reverse battery protection, short circuit protection and overheat protection. I did test the reverse battery protection and short circuit  protection and I’m pleased that both worked faultlessly.

Testing the mod in TC mode wasn’t as simple as it is on most mods because I had to set up the TCR values for SS316L. This wasn’t a big chore and wouldn’t be necessary if you were using the Crown 4 tank with the SS904 coils. Once set up the temperature control worked well and backed off quickly when my RDA started drying out. The TC felt smooth and generally very accurate but worked best in middle range temperatures. Overall the mod performed as you would expect and while not as feature packed as some mods, it does what most people would need it to do, and it does them well.

Build quality and the overall looks of the mod are excellent, if you are in the market for a new dual 18650 mod that’s stylish and unique looking then it’s definitely worth a look. If you own a Crown 4 tank with the SS904 coils then it might be a must buy. At under £50 it’s priced fairly competitively, you can find cheaper mods but I do think this one is a slight step up in quality.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

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