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VooPoo Drag 2 Platinum Kit Review

VooPoo Drag 2 Platinum Kit Review

June 14, 2019

The Drag 2 Platinum Kit by Voopoo is the most recent kit in Voopoo’s Drag range. The original Drag mod was a massive success a couple of years ago, it was a well made, great performing mod.  It became the device of choice for people who preferred its squarer boxy looks compared to curvier mods like the Alien. Last year Voopoo updated the mod with the Drag 2, that addressed a few of the issues people had with the original and made it even more appealing. It is a little smaller and slightly less boxy with smoother edges. What they didn’t change was the same high performance people had loved from before. New for 2019 is the Drag 2 Platinum Kit which is essentially more of the same in a swanky new finish.

Build quality and specifications

If you’ve never had a Drag before you’ll be impressed by how solid the device is, it just feels really well made and put together. It’s not a lightweight device by any means and after using it for a while many of your other mods start to feel a little flimsy by comparison. The screen is monochrome, bright and sharp. If you like a large full colour screen with dials and things then you might be disappointed. But if you, like me, prefer something that’s easy to read and displays all the useful information in a clear and logical manner then you’ll be more than happy. There’s no unnecessary clutter here, it’s purposeful and functional. This is all powered by the highly regarded Voopoo Gene Chip, and features the ‘FIT’ mode as well as the common, Power, TC and Bypass operation. For those unfamiliar the FIT system is a quick way to adjust your power. FIT 1 ‘Battery Set’ reduces the power to conserve battery life, FIT 2 ‘Flavour Set’ is essentially normal operation and FIT 3 ‘Cloud Set’ increases power for more vapour production. It may feel like a bit of a gimmicky feature to some, but it might be handy if you are getting low on battery to just pop it on to FIT 1 and know that you are saving a little battery life, but still getting enough power to run the included U-Force tank at a workable level. I guess it saves a little time having to go up and down on the watts trying to find a setting for that purpose.

The new platinum finish on the mod is really classy. It’s shiny, hard plated, and been really well applied; it reminds me of the dark nickel plating that you see on some motorcycle parts. Voopoo claim that it’s scratch proof and I would say that under any normal usage condition that would be the case. It’s not going to scratch or chip like a regular paint finish would, but I guess if you sent it skidding down the road it might be a different story. One side of the Drag features the familiar resin panel that is available in a wide choice of colours. I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t prefer this resin on both sides but Voopoo have to make room for the massive Drag logo on the other side. It’s been an aesthetic choice for the whole Drag series and it doesn’t look like Voopoo are going to change that.

For those familiar with the Voopoo’s chipset you’ll obviously feel right at home, the device has many safety features such as reverse battery protection, over charge protection, over temperature protection as well as balanced charging. I would always recommend charging batteries in an external charger but it’s good to know these safety features are there if you need to charge your mod at a friend’s house or at work. Overall I think the build quality is excellent and it feels solid and dependable. The buttons have a nice click and don’t rattle around. It has all the specs that most people would realistically need without being packed with things you don’t. A strong safety set of features working behind the scenes makes this a very safe device to use too.

Tank and flavour performance

The included U-Force sub-tank comes pre-installed with the 0.4ohm U2 coil and is designed to be used between 40 and 80 watts. At 40w with the airflow closed down a little it provided great flavour and more than acceptable vapour production. Although the Drag 2 can provide up to 177w I find flavour, and of course battery life, much better around these levels. If you are looking for maximum vapour production winding the U2 coil up to 80w, and opening the airflow wide provides a lot more vapour. Although I think the flavour suffers slightly, I think most people would find their balance somewhere in between. Also included in the kit is the N3 0.2ohm coil, which is a triple mesh higher power coil that can be ran up to 100w. I didn’t like this coil as much, for me it’s just too warm of a vape. The flavour was again very good though. The tank is compatible with all Voopoo ‘U’ and ‘N’ series coils which offer users 7 different choices in total currently. So there’s plenty of options to find something suitable for your own needs.

VooPoo Drag 2 Platinum Kit Review
  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

Overall Performance and Summary

I really enjoy using the Drag 2 Platinum Kit, the mod is the real highlight of the kit and looks stunning in its new finish. It may not offer much new from last years Drag 2 but I’m glad they haven’t messed with it, because it didn’t really need to be messed with in the first place. The U-Force tank is good but if you have a favourite sub-tank already I don’t think this one offers much different. It does have a great selection of coils though, so that’s a definite plus. If you don’t have a sub-tank already then this one is more than up to the job with good flavour and vapour production and I don’t think you would be disappointed. At around £70 this kit may be a little more than some on the market but with a mod this good I think it’s worth the extra.

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