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Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit Review

Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit Review

July 30, 2019

Voopoo have shrunk the Drag mod down to its smallest form to create the new Drag Nano. Featuring the same styling as the Drag 2 and Drag Mini, it looks very familiar with its resin panel and Drag logo on the reverse side, but it’s now absolutely tiny! Rather than attaching a tank of top, it’s been redesigned as a pod system. It’s sure to be a big hit with Drag fans who want a matching pod device for times when a smaller vape is more practical, but can this little pod do the highly regarded Drag name proud or is it just a cool novelty?

Build Quality and Specifications

The Drag Nano measures approximately 54mm tall, 35mm wide and just 11mm thick. Constructed from a zinc aluminium alloy, as well as being small, it’s also very light. It has a built in 750 mAh battery, which is about average for this type of device. The pod which drops into the top holds 1ml of e-liquid and is fitted with a 1.8 ohm coil. There’s an LED light that changes colour to show your battery level, changing to the familiar red when at its lowest and it will flash and turn off when you need to recharge.

You’ll also get a micro USB cable included for charging and the device has all the safety you could expect. This includes a 10 second draw cut off, short circuit protection, overcharge protection and over-discharge protection. The Drag Nano has an automatic draw activation. You simply draw on the device and the coil will automatically fire, there’s no need to push a button. The device is controlled by what Voopoo are calling their Gene Pod Chip, there’s no fancy options or menus here but Voopoo’s electronics have always been reliable in the past so I have no reason to think this chip won’t be too. It comes in seven different resin panel colours if you want one to match your bigger Drag mod.

Pod Flavour and Performance

There’s only one pod included with the kit, which I think is disappointing. That aside, the pods are at least simple to fill. You just pull the mouthpiece off and fill from a large hole in the side of the pod. Putting the mouthpiece back on seals the hole so there’s no need for rubber bungs or anything like that. You do have to be a little careful filling, especially if the tip on your bottle isn’t the narrowest kind. The 1ml capacity isn’t much to shout about considering you won’t want to run it right down to nothing, so you really only have a capacity of about 0.8ml. Almost everyone will need to fill this at some point during the day; I was having to top the liquid up twice a day on occasion.

After filling the pod, Voopoo have including something called a Smart Indicator Light. When you snap the pod in place the light will flash after 5 minutes letting you know the pod is ready to use. It’s a thoughtful inclusion and should stop new vapers burning the coil out by vaping on it too soon and it not being fully saturated. The draw is what I would consider a loose MTL, it’s fine but not adjustable, so it is what it is. If you find it doesn’t suit you, there’s not much you can do about it. The flavour is a strong point of the Drag Nano Pods. It’s very good for such a higher resistance pod and small device with low vapour production. Familiar liquids were tasting as I know them and all the nuances of the liquid were coming through well.

Overall Performance and Summary

Overall performance is good but it does lack some features that other pod systems have, like adjustable airflow and variable power. Some people will like its simplicity though so that’s not necessarily a negative for everyone. It’s worth thinking about if you are trying to decide which pod system to buy.

There’s no doubt it looks fantastic and I would rate the actual device much higher than the replaceable pods. The battery was lasting all day for me without any problem at all. However, the 1ml pod wasn’t, meaning I needed to carry a 10ml bottle of e-liquid around with me too. It’s comfortable to hold and use and overall I really enjoyed using it. There may better choices for someone looking for a pod-type system to use as their first or primary device. It’s not the most practical or versatile option. I think the Drag Nano will probably be primarily embraced by current vapers as a secondary device. I also think they will love it for that purpose, especially existing fans of the Voopoo Drag.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Vape Volume
  • Flavour
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money
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