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Wismec RX 2/3 Mod Review

Wismec RX 2/3 Mod Review

June 21, 2019

There aren’t many products in vaping that could be considered true design classics, but the original Wismec RX200 is certainly one. With its unique shape, a maximum 200w of power and the ability to hold triple 18650’s for long battery life, it quickly became a ‘must have’ mod on release. It was large, chunky and modern looking. If there was any downside it’s that with three cells inside many people felt it was just too big and heavy to carry around. Perfect for using at home maybe, but it wasn’t exactly portable, pocket-able or stealthy. Wismec have once again teamed up with US designer JayBo to create a mod that goes some way to addressing that issue with the RX 2/3, so named because it can be used with either two or three 18650 cells. I was very excited to see if this mod could live up to the originals almost legendary status and how much smaller, and lighter, it would be in the twin battery configuration.

Build quality and specifications

The RX 2/3 by Wismec has a whole host of features that I will try to cover in some detail. It’s available in a few different two-tone options and an all black colourway. I have the back and red version and the finish is really good quality. After a good amount of use and carrying around there’s very minimal marks or scratches on it. It’s a smart and masculine looking device that will probably appeal to many. The screen and the PCB behind it looks identical to the RX200S which is a good thing as it’s proven to be a good, reliable board. The screen is a bright monochrome and the information is displayed vertically, it’s very clear and easy to read. Menu navigation is straightforward and anyone who’s used any regulated mod before will find it all quite self explanatory without even needing to read the manual to get started.

Modes include the now standard variable wattage and temperature control for nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils. The maximum wattage will depend on whether you are using the mod in its two or three battery configuration. To get the full 200w you’ll need to use three batteries, the device will automatically limit the power to 150w in twin battery mode. The mod can fire a very wide range of coil resistances from 0.05-1.5 ohms in TC modes and from 0.1-3.5 ohms in variable wattage mode. The firmware is also upgradable via the USB port, so any available upgrades can be easily downloaded from the Wismec website. It’s even possible to download and create custom logos.

The RX2/3 comes with two different backplates/battery covers. To switch from three batteries to two batteries, you just have to unclip the battery cover and replace it with the other one. This does feel a little tricky at first and I had to check the manual to see how it was done, I didn’t want to accidentally break one of the clips by forcing it in a way it wasn’t designed. It’s actually very simple when you know how and the door feels very solid when in place. Because of the 510 placement you can fit very large RDA’s and tanks on the device without overhang. It will fit a 26mm tank without any issues. It looks like a 28mm tank would fit fine too but I don’t have one to hand to check.

Mod performance and summary

The Wismec RX 2/3 is fun to to use and I found myself enjoying it a lot, especially in the dual battery mode. In the triple battery mode it’s just too big for me to be practical, although if you are sat at a desk for most of the day then its size may not matter to you. If you vape over 100w regularly then having that power spread across all three cells will be ideal too, allowing a much longer run time before charging. If like me you don’t vape at high power and will only be using it in dual battery mode is it still worth buying? I think it is, I really like the shape of the mod and it fits really nicely in the hand, it’s actually fairly compact in the twin battery configuration and that one less 18650 means it’s quite a bit lighter too.

Power delivery feels smooth and accurate, I tried it at 70w with an RDA and at 10w with a MTL tank and it performed as expected. The buttons all feel really nice, especially the fire button which is responsive and solid feeling. It would make a perfect mod for any sub-tank that needs quite a bit of power to the coil. If you use coils that run over 100w then using the triple cell set up will give you a much longer battery run time. It will also mean your batteries are using less amperage each and could increase their overall life.

Overall conclusion

The Wismec 2/3 may not appeal to everyone but for some it will be exactly what they need. Its versatility is not all that common and it’s essentially like having two different mods for two different situations, all for the price of one. It has the classic Wismec RX styling that hasn’t ever gone out of fashion and it’s made with a solid and rugged construction. It may not be the most slender and lightweight design but it feels very comfortable to use and in no way feels awkward to hold or fire.

If you are in the market for a new mod then the Wismec RX 2/3 is well worth a look. If the style appeals then I have no reason not to recommend it. If you think being able to switch from a high powered triple cell mod to a smaller 150w twin cell mod would be useful then I would highly recommend this mod. I don’t know of anything else that can fill that need as well as the RX 2/3.

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money

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