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February Round Up

February Round Up

March 1, 2019

UK Vape News:

A small study has looked at the effects of smoking versus vaping during pregnancy. While smoking has been linked to preterm delivery, low birth weight and other complications. With around 10% of expectant mums still smoking through until birth, they may now have a safer alternative. The study, conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) found no correlation between vaping and low birth weight or preterm delivery. While it’s still in its early days and was a one off, it’s a good starting point for further research to give a viable option for mothers who have been unable to leave behind smoking for the duration of their pregnancy.

Juul made it to the UK last year, soon they’ll be in your local off license. After dominating the US market, Juul had major success across vape shops UK wide and online, they’re now looking to expand to smaller outlets like corner shops. The popular pod kit will have two-packs of pods available for £5.99. Now, instead of going to the shop for a 20 pack smokers will have the option to top up on their high-strength nicotine pods instead.

USA Vape News:

Following on from their expansion in the UK, Juul have a projected sales revenue of $3.4 billion in 2019. Despite a loss in the last quarter of 2018, likely largely due to removing their flavoured pods from all stores in the US, this number is three times what they made last year. With Altria having a 35% stake in Juul, the vaping giant now have access to all of Altria’s sales channels. This will help increase their reach into locations they may not have had stock previously and their success in the UK will likely contribute to this growth too.

Utah are proposing a whopping 86.5% tax on vaping products. The logic behind the move is that it will discourage teen vapers. What hasn’t been considered is the fact that it may then drive teenagers to try cigarettes instead but also penalises adult smokers looking for a safer alternative. The move would by and large benefit the state more than the smoking population and may be a moot point in any case as so many vaping products are now available to be purchased online, thus potentially avoiding the tax anyway.

Asia and Middle East Vape News:

Hong Kong are in the process of banning e-cigarettes. If this proposition becomes law, it will be illegal to import, distribute or manufacture e-cigarettes and heat not burn products in Hong Kong. This move seems somewhat ironic considered Hong Kong is located close to the city of Shenzhen, where many of the major e-cigarette manufacturers are. The end goal behind this initiative is a smoke free Hong Kong however cigarettes will still be regulated in the same way as they currently are.

Smoking has now been banned in six major Thai airports. The airports included are those run by Airports of Thailand Plc. Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and Mae Fah Luang will now all be smoke free. While vaping is still illegal in Thailand, last month we saw Thai governing bodies start to consider changes to this legislation. With any luck, 2019 may be the year the popular holiday destination becomes more vape-friendly.

UAE will be ending the ban on e-cigarettes. Contrary to Hong Kong, after discussions last month, UAE will now be allowing the import and sale of e-cigarettes as of April this year. The government are proposing to have similar regulations to those put in place with TPD. These will likely relate mainly to a maximum nicotine strength. Now, travellers can go through UAE with no concerns about being fined or worse for possessing a vape.

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