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July Roundup

July Roundup

August 1, 2018

With increasing legislation against vaping, including banning flavoured e-liquids and preventing new vape shops from opening, the FDA is set to release a plan for the development of smoking cessation drugs. With numerous nicotine replacement therapies available on the market, the FDA is hoping to increase competition for the existing drugs available due to their relative high cost. E-cigarettes have also been mentioned, and the FDA are going to release two guidance documents about the toxicology of vaping products and possible standards to evaluate smoking cessation products by.

Following on from several vape bans last month, Rhode Island has now added vape products to the existing smoke ban. Any places that is is currently illegal to smoke in, now apply to vaping too. The only exceptions to this rule are brick and mortar vape stores and those establishments that serve food and/or drink. However, in order to qualify they must be generating at least 33 percent of their revenue from the sale of vapor products.

July saw an incident of vapes on a plane when an Air China pilot tried to clear out his e-cig vapour by turning off the circulation fan between the cockpit and the passenger cabin. He instead flipped the wrong switch and turned off the oxygen to the passenger cabin entirely. Oxygen masks dropped in the cabin and the plane has to make an emergency drop of 21,000 feet. Since the incident, the pilot and co-pilot have had their licenses cancelled.

Following America’s example, vapes are now becoming more readily available in UK prisons. With all closed prisons in England and Wales now enforcing a smoke-free policy, many inmates were struggling with nicotine withdrawal. A pilot scheme in Wales was so successful that it’s been introduced to several more prisons across the UK and there are now 33,000 inmates using vapes instead of combustible cigarettes.

More from the States coming to the UK – the Juul is now available on British shores. The nic salt pod device is dominating across the pond, currently taking up over 60% of the vaping market share. The vaping giant are also opening up a London office shortly too following their massive success in America.

Vaping statistics in the UK have just been updated by the Office of National Statistics, indicating a positive correlation with the number of vapers and a decrease in smokers.. With 48.8% of smokers using vaping as a tool, back in 2011 just 3.7% of the population vaped, it’s now increased to 5.5% while the percentage of smokers has dropped from 15.8% to 15.1% from 2016 to 2017.

In Holland, despite existing TPD regulations, short fill bottles are now due to be banned. The efficient way the vaping industry has created to get around maximum 10ml capacity of nicotine products will now be nullified as they will no longer be able to be sold. This move has been criticised as short fill bottles offer a more cost efficient way to purchase vape liquid and also creates less waste. Dutch vapers will still be able to purchase short fills from overseas so only serves to shift business out of the local economy.

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