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October Round Up

October Round Up

November 1, 2018

Stoptober and the London Fire Brigade

In the UK, we’ve just finished off Stoptober. 2018 was the second year that e-cigarettes were actively promoted as a viable aid in quitting smoking. Now even the London Fire Brigade is voicing their support for vaping. Aside from the health implications smoking carries, they’re also a well known cause of house fires. Since 2014, 68 people have died to due to smoking related fires. There have also been 5950 house fires in that time caused by cigarettes. With no need to actually light up, vaping has been endorsed as a safer option for using around the home. Head of Community Safety for the London Fire Brigade had this to say:

“Our message is simple: quit smoking or risk dying in a fire. […] If you still need that nicotine fix, vaping is a much safer alternative. Hundreds of people are injured in smoking related fires each year but we’ve not had any reports of injuries or deaths caused by e-cigarettes.”

USA News – FDA Influence

There’s plenty of news across the pond in the States. A stiff issue has arisen after a new product hit the shelves. E-cigarettes have been taken to a new level with Chinese company HelloCig releasing a vape liquid containing Viagra and Cialis. The company is now facing legal issues in the US as the liquids are manufactured in China and sold in the US without testing. Vaping the HelloCig juice has resulted in some vapers ending up with a two day erection, resulting in the FDA getting involved. The FDA have since asked the Chinese manufacturer to change their formulation. Failing this, they may face product seisure or legal action.

The FDA is also considering a ban of online sales of vaping equipment in a further attempt to crack down on youth vaping. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb made the announcement earlier this month. His reasoning is that vaping products are “too appealing” to a younger audience. This idea is largely due to online sales sometimes having less secure means of age verification than bricks and mortar stores.

Following on from the FDA’s issue with youth vaping, Juul are calling for regulators to step in to help prevent copycat devices from reaching the market. With Juul taking up more than half the vaping market in the USA alone, “Juuling” has become a teen trend in the last couple of years. The vaping giant has concerns the imitation devices will further affect both their reputation and undermine their attempts to stop teens accessing the e-cigs. JUUL CEO Kevin Burns commented:

“Protecting consumers and preventing underage use are critical priorities and we will take decisive action where available to restrict illegal copycat products that undermine our efforts.”

San Francisco Flavour Ban

Finally, following the San Francisco flavour ban earlier this year, many businesses are already found to be struggling. Despite the fact that the ban won’t come into effect until early 2019, the limits on stock is driving vape shops out of business. One example is the Tenderloin Hookah Lounge. They’ve been open for over a decade but will shortly be closing their doors. Vapour businesses have been allowed to sell off the remainder of their stock before the ban but many of them are trying to get compensation for a loss of income. With cannabis being legal in California, some businesses are trying to replace vape juice with a cannabis dispensary license to substitute the stock gap.

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